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Bottle of 6 ml.

Mechanism of action

Histamine H1 receptor blocker, a phthalazinone derivative. Allergodil has a strong and long-lasting antiallergic effect. Inhibits the synthesis or release of mediators involved in the early and late stages of allergic reactions (including leukotrienes, serotonin, platelet activating factor / PAF /), inhibits the release of histamine from allergen-activated mast cells, prevents bronchospasm caused by leukotrienes and PAF, reduces the number of molecular adhesion cells and eosinophils. With prolonged use in high doses, no clinically significant effect of azelastine on the QT interval was observed.

Indications and usage

For the treatment of seasonal and year-round allergic rhinitis and rhinoconjunctivitis.


- hypersensitivity to the drug;
- children under 4 years old.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Allergodil is not recommended for use in the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as during lactation.
ATexperimental studies when used in doses many times higher than the therapeutic range, no data on the teratogenic effect of azelastine were obtained.

Dosage and administration

Allergodil eye drops: one drop in each eye in the morning and in the evening.

Allergodil is used before the cessation of symptoms and is suitable for prolonged use, but not more than 6 months.

Adverse reactions

Eye sensitivity, foreign body sensation, discoloration of the conjunctival membrane, irritation, soreness, itching, redness, swelling, increased tearing. Rarely - dry eyes, blepharitis.

Special notes

Eye drops are not recommended when wearing contact lenses.

Drops should be stored at room temperature.

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