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“Venokorset®” - French beauty formula for smooth and beautiful legs!


Extract of red leaves of grapes (the main active ingredient) - 180 mg

Auxiliary components: microcrystalline cellulose, Calcium stearate, aerosil.

Chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities is a syndrome that, according to statistics, occurs in almost every second woman and every third man. Externally, this is manifested by edema of the lower extremities, a change in the venous pattern, the appearance of spider veins and is accompanied by heaviness in the legs - from mild fatigue to real lead gravity. The beauty and smoothness of the legs are lost, the ease of movement disappears, and the swelling can even change the shape of the legs. Of course, men are not concerned with external manifestations, but for women - to preserve the lightness, beauty and health of their feet - care №1.

The causes of chronic venous insufficiency are a decrease in the strength and elasticity of the vessels, a violation of their permeability, and as a result, a violation of the venous circulation. Strengthening blood vessels, increasing their elasticity, reducing the permeability of the vascular wall will improve venous blood flow and eliminate the symptoms of venous insufficiency, such as swelling, feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

The extract of red grape leaves has an impact on the vascular wall of the veins and helps to eliminate its violations. Red grape leaves have long been used in France to treat swollen, painful feet. Today, their use in this area is scientifically sound. Red leaves of grapes are listed in the IXth edition of the French Pharmacopoeia, according to the data of which, the traditional indications for their use are venous insufficiency, expressed by the symptom of "heavy legs", edema, manifestation of fragility of blood vessels and capillaries.

“Venokorset” is a natural remedy based on the extract of red leaves of grapes for the care of the beauty and health of your feet. Capsules "Venokorset" - a source of polyphenols - from the inside act on the walls of the venous vessels and capillaries, help strengthen and reduce their permeability. Gel "Venokorset" - an external tool to improve blood circulation, relieve swelling and feelings of heaviness in the legs.

Natural remedy "Venokorset" contributes to:

- reduce the permeability of the vascular wall;

- improve the functional state of the vessels;

- to improve blood circulation;

- removal of edema;

- eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Dosage and administration

Adults take 2 capsules daily with meals. The duration of treatment is 4 weeks. If necessary, repeat the reception after 1.5-2 months.

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