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Composition and release form

Nystatin coated tablets:
1 pill contains nystatin 250 000 or 500 000 IU;
20, 30, 40 or 50 pills per pack.
Nystatin ointment:
1 g of ointment contains 100 000 IU of nystatna;
in aluminum tubes or orange glass cans of 10, 15 or 30 g.
Nystatin vaginal suppositories:
1 suppository contains nystatin 250 000 or 500 000 IU;
on 10 pieces packaged.
Nystatin rectal suppositories: 1 suppository contains nystatin 250 000 or 500 000 IU
on 10 pieces packaged.

Pharmacological properties

Nystatin is a polyene antifungal antibiotic highly active against yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. It has a fungicidal effect. The structure of the antibiotic has a large number of double bonds with a high tropism for the sterol structures of the cytoplasmic membrane of fungi, which contributes to the incorporation of the drug molecule into the cell membrane and the formation of a large number of channels through which the uncontrolled transport of electrolytes occurs. An increase in osmolarity inside the cell leads to its death.


Nystatin is used for candidiasis of the mucous membranes of the mucous membranes (mouth, vagina, etc.),
skin and internal organs (digestive tract, lungs, kidneys, etc.)
For prophylactic purposes, nystatin is prescribed to prevent the development of candidiasis with prolonged treatment with antibacterial agents, especially in debilitated and debilitated patients.


Hypersensitivity, abnormal liver function, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, pregnancy.

Dosage and administration


Inside regardless of the meal. For the treatment of candidiasis of internal organs by adults, 500,000 IU 3-4 times, or 250000 IU 6-8 times a day. Daily dose of 1.5-3 million units.
With generalized candidiasis, the daily dose may be increased to 6 million U.
Children under the age of 1 year are prescribed 100,000 IU 3-4 times a day, from 1 year to 5 years - 250,000 IU 3-4 times a day, older than 13 years - 250,000-500 000 IU 3-4 times per day.
Duration of treatment is 10-14 days. If necessary, a course can be repeated after a week.

Nystatin ointment.

When treating fungal diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, ointment is applied with a thin layer to the affected areas 1-2 times a day, daily for 7-10 days. The use of ointment can be combined with the reception of nystatin inside.


Intravaginally, rectally, 500 000 IU, 2 times a day for 10-14 days.

Side effect

When taking nystatin inside possible nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pruritus. In these cases, reduce the dose or temporarily cancel the drug.

Storage conditions

Store pills in a dry, dark place, out of reach of children, at room temperature.
Ointment and candles should be stored in a dry, dark place, out of reach of children, at a temperature not higher than +5 degrees C.

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