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Anti-inflammatory agent for the mouth.

Mechanism of action

Pharmacological properties. The drug has astringent, softening, anti-inflammatory effect on the oral mucosa due to the content of extracts of oak bark, sage leaves, and chamomile flowers. In addition, tannins and essential oils contained in the preparation, have antiseptic (antibacterial and antifungal effects) on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and gums. In vitro tests proved that the essential oils of sage and chamomile have a bactericidal action against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as a fungicidal action against Candida albicans


In case of serous-purulent inflammation of the gums and oral cavity, superficial and deep periodontitis, serous inflammation of the tongue, zoonotic inflammation of the oral cavity against a toxic background, as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent:
- with a tendency to bleeding gums and periodontal disease;
- With fungal inflammation of the oral mucosa caused by yeast fungi.

Unwanted interactions are still not known. For this reason, the drug can be combined with other drugs.

Dosing regimen

Rinse with a 15% aqueous solution of the drug (dissolve about 10 ml of the drug in 1/4 cup of boiled water).


Allergy to arnica, chamomile and other plants of the genus Asteracae.

Storage conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C. Shelf life - 3 g.

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