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For best results, it is best to apply the product at the first appearance of signs of infection (burning, tingling, feeling of tightness of the skin). The earlier you apply the cream, the higher the chance of preventing the formation of bubbles or crusts.

Recommended for adults and children over 12 years old.

Before applying Zovirax Duo-Active it is necessary to remove all cosmetics. In order to prevent deterioration and prevent transmission, it is necessary to wash your hands before and after applying the drug, do not rub or touch the affected areas of skin with a towel.

The drug should be applied 5 times a day (approximately every 4 hours), with the exception of night time. The drug is applied in a thin layer on the affected and bordering skin. The duration of treatment is at least 5 days. If you missed the application time, just apply the cream the next time you think about it, and continue on. You must wash your hands after applying the cream.

Cold on the lips is contagious. Do not share the tube with other people.

After Zovirax Duo-Active has completely dried, you can put cosmetics on it, for example, lipstick.To prevent the spread of infection, always use a separate applicator, such as a cotton swab, for applying cosmetics.

Use Zovirax Duo-Active for 5 days. If the cold on the lips has not passed and still persists after 10 days, consult a doctor.

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