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Ingredients: finely Acyclovir 5 g - 100 g; Forms of release: cream of 5% (tuba) 2, 5, 20 g

Mechanism of action

Antiviral; antiherpetic

Indications and usage

Cream and ointment for external use - herpes simplex skin and mucous membranes, genital herpes (primary and recurrent); localized herpes zoster (adjuvant treatment). Ointment eye - herpetic keratitis.

Outwardly. Cream or ointment is applied to the affected areas 4-6 times a day (as soon as possible after the start of infection). It is important to begin treatment for a recurrent infection during the prodromal phase or at the very beginning of the infection. The duration of treatment is at least 5 days, maximum 10 days. Locally.

Adverse reactions

When applied topically - soreness, burning, itching, skin rash, vulvitis. When applying eye ointment - a burning sensation at the site of application, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, superficial keratopathy. Overdose. Symptoms: headache, neurological disorders, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, impaired renal function, lethargy, convulsions, coma. Treatment: maintenance of vital functions, hemodialysis.



Skin cream should not be applied to the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, eyes and vagina. The effectiveness of treatment will be the higher, the earlier it is started (at the first signs of infection). To implement the therapeutic effect of acyclovir, the state of the body's immune system is significant. Patients with reduced immunity (with HIV / AIDS or after bone marrow transplantation) against the background of topical application of acyclovir ointment should be prescribed systemic administration of the drug, as well as in the case of severe and recurrent herpes infection. A strip of ointment 1.25 cm should be applied to 25 sq. Cm of affected skin. To prevent autoinoculation on other areas of the skin, it is necessary to use fingertips or rubber gloves.Acyclovir does not prevent the transmission of herpes through sexual contact, therefore during the treatment period it is necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse, even in the absence of clinical manifestations. Carefully. Pregnancy, lactation. Category of action on the fetus. C

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