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5 essential oils, vegetable levomentol and badger oil


Breathing Heating Gel for Children Breathe contains badger fat, 5 essential oils, as well as the plant component levomenthol. When applied to the skin, these substances have a long warming and local irritant effect.

Operating principle

What is useful warming rubbing for colds? The nerves that control the work of the internal organs are connected to the nerve endings in some areas of the skin. Therefore, warming and mild irritation of these areas of the skin improves blood circulation in the relevant organs.

For example, when warming up the feet and hands, blood circulation in the nose and throat is improved, and when the chest warms up, the rush of blood to the lung area increases.

Improving blood circulation leads to a decrease in edema in the airways, increases the body's defenses and helps restore mucosal function.

And if the child has wet his feet or has frozen, then a warming rub will reduce the risk of catching a cold.


Prevention of cold and flu after hypothermia in the "cold season". Warming
after hypothermia.

To apply

Children aged 1 year.

Mode of application

Apply to dry clean skin of the child’s chest, rub feet. Gel Breathe
for children it is useful to apply in situations when it is necessary to improve the heat transfer in the children's body.

After hypothermia baby

Wet feet

Grate your feet with gel, put on wool socks on top.

under the rain

Grate the feet, apply the gel on the chest and back area, put on warm clothing (for example, a wool sweater).

Froze on the street or was in a draft for a long time

Grind the child's chest and back area.

At first

Rub the back area and chest, on top of wearing warm clothes.


The gel is intended for external use only. Do not apply to mucous membranes. Do not swallow the gel. After contact with mucous membrane, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to the components.

Do not forget to wash your hands after rubbing the child gel!

Active ingredient

Vaseline oil, colloidal silicon dioxide, levomenthol, badger oil, eucalyptus and mint essential oils, turpentine oil, lavender essential oil, vanillin butyl ether, fir essential oil.

Release form

30 ml in the bottle with dispenser

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