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Dosage form

drops for oral administration, solution for injection, oral solution

Pharmachologic effect:

Analeptichesky agent of the mixed type of action (stimulation of the central nervous system, direct and reflex excitation of the respiratory and vasomotor centers). The mechanism of action consists of 2 components: central and peripheral. The central mechanism is associated with a direct effect on the vasomotor center of the medulla oblongata, leading to its excitation and mediated increase in systemic blood pressure (especially when initially oppressed by this center). The peripheral component of the mechanism of action is associated with the excitation of the carotid sinus chemoreceptors, which leads to an increase in the frequency and depth of respiratory movements. No direct effect on the CAS.

Indications and usage

Collapse, asphyxia (including newborns), shock states, circulatory disorders in infectious diseases, poisoning with hypnotics, narcotic analgesics, barbiturates.


Hypersensitivity, predisposition to convulsions, epilepsy, epileptic seizures (in history), hyperthermia in children, pregnancy.

Adverse reactions

Anxiety, muscle twitching (starting with circular muscles of the mouth), flushing of the skin of the face, itching of the skin, vomiting, arrhythmias; infiltration and soreness at the injection site, allergic reactions. Overdose. Symptoms: tonic-clonic convulsions.

Dosage and administration:

Inside: adults - 15-40 cap 2-3 times a day, children - the number of drops equal to the number of years, children (10 years) - 10 cap 2-3 times a day. P / c, in / m, in / in: adults - 1-2 ml 2-3 times a day. Higher doses for adults: single - 2 ml, daily - 6 ml. Introduction to the vein is done slowly. In case of poisoning with drugs, hypnotics, analgesics - 3-5 ml. P / to and / m injection painful. To reduce pain, you can pre-enter procaine. Children - s / c, 0.1-0.75 ml, depending on age.

Special instructions:

There is no information about the safety of use in pregnant women.

Drug interactions

Enhances the effects of psychostimulants, antidepressants. Reduces the effect of narcotic analgesics, hypnotic drugs, antipsychotic drugs (neuroleptics), anxiolytics, antiepileptic drugs. The effect is reduced by PAS, opiniazid, phenothiazine derivatives and drugs for general anesthesia. The convulsive effect of the drug enhances reserpine.

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