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Dosage form



12 g (daily dose) of the powder contains:

- Collagen hydrolyzate 9 500 mg.
- Glucosamine sulfate 200 mg.
- Chondroitin sulfate 100 mg.
- Methylsulfonylmethane natural 100 mg.
- Vitamin C 60 mg.
- Vitamin B 6 1 mg.
- Biotin 300 mcg.
- Manganese 1 mg.
- Calcium 80 mg.
- Magnesium 30 mg.
- Copper 1 mg.


In 1 jar 340 ± 5 g of powder complete with a measuring spoon.

Mechanism of action

Geladrink Plus (BAA) contains a unique and highly effective combination of arthro (collagen hydrolyzate) and chondro (chondroitin and glucosamine sulfates) nutraceuticals, as well as essential minerals and Vitamins that protect and nourish all elements of the human musculoskeletal system.

Collagen hydrolyzate promotes the regeneration of connective tissue elements of the musculoskeletal system, stimulating the formation of physiological collagen (the basis of the intercellular substance of connective tissue). Collagen hydrolyzate is easily absorbed in the digestive tract, because it is almost 100 times smaller than normal food collagen (gelatin) hydrolyzate. Collagen hydrolyzate simultaneously stimulates cartilage cells to produce collagen and is the building material for collagen fibers of cartilage.

Glucosamine sulfate has a stimulating effect on chondrocytes, which causes them to stimulate increased production of normal collagen and proteoglycans.

Chondroitin sulfate is glycosaminoglycans, which is associated in the cartilage matrix with collagen and helps maintain the elasticity and water-holding properties of cartilage. Part of the synovial fluid, providing its normal depreciation properties. It is the combination of collagen hydrolyzate, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate that enhances the action of each.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural source of organic sulfur compounds. Being a purely natural material, MSM has no negative effect at all, as a result of clinical studies it was found that its toxicity is 12 times less than the toxic properties of salt. MSM inhibits the transfer of disease impulses, i.e. It has an analgesic effect, limits the flow of inflammatory processes in articular tissues, supports blood circulation, limits the processes of swelling of joints, improves the nutrition of articular cells, relaxes muscle cramps and muscle tissue contractions around the spine and joints, feeds collagen forming articular cartilage, tendons and ligaments. It has an effective antioxidant effect.

Vitamin C Ascorbic acid. The strongest antioxidant that stimulates collagen formation in connective tissues. Within half an hour after a meal rich in vitamin C, the production of collagen is increased six times. Collagen hydrolyzate is not absorbed without vitamin C. Vitamin C carries the salts of sulfuric acid (methylsulfonylmethane - MSM) into the body's cells and helps the absorption of manganese. Vitamin C together with calcium forms chemical complexes, the so-called chelates. Calcium with their help is delivered to the right place at a truly express speed. That is why the most highly effective formulas for osteoporosis are those that contain chelated calcium forms.

Calcium is the main mineral of the body. Together with vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen fibers in the connective tissue. Calcium salts are the main mineral elements of the bones, giving them the necessary rigidity. Among other minerals, it is responsible for the normal functioning of the skin and the elasticity of blood vessels.

Biotin (vitamin H) (300 mcg per daily dose) is a sulfur-containing vitamin that plays an important role in the metabolism of connective tissue. Biotin (as well as vitamin C) has established itself as an ideal vehicle that always delivers sulfur for its intended purpose: to cartilage tissues. It also helps the body absorb protein and metabolism is an important ally of the B vitamins.

Vitamin B 6 (pyridoxine) provides the metabolism of amino acids, of which are connective tissue proteins. Vitamin B 6 is the main metabolite of cartilage, as the oxidative processes in cartilage proceed mainly by anaerobic (oxygen-free) way. Pyridoxine plays the role of oxygen in the metabolism of cartilage tissue. Vitamin B 6 improves the absorption of magnesium from the gastrointestinal tract and its penetration into the cells.

Magnesium is a vital element found in all tissues of the body, necessary for the normal functioning of cells. Magnesium helps calcium and vitamin D in building bones, prevents softening of bones. Participates in most metabolic reactions, contributes to the processes of production and consumption of energy. With metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus, as a rule, there is a marked deficiency of magnesium.

Manganese transfers oxygen from the blood to the cells. This is especially important in the nutrition of intervertebral discs and cartilages that do not have direct circulation. Working together with magnesium, manganese significantly affects the metabolism of collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine sulfates, and is involved in ossification. It is necessary for the renewal of the cells of the musculoskeletal system, the blood coagulation system, and is involved in the formation of thyroxin, the main thyroid hormone. The tubular bones and liver are richest in manganese. With a lack of manganese, the processes of ossification are disturbed in the whole skeleton, the tubular bones thicken and shorten, and the joints become deformed. Helps the absorption of manganese - vitamin C.

Copper is involved in the formation of the structure of connective tissue proteins - collagen and elastin, which are structural components of bone and cartilage tissue, skin, lungs, blood vessel walls. For the same reason, lack of copper leads to bone demineralization and osteoporosis. Copper has anti-inflammatory properties and is involved in the regulation of a number of hormones.

Indications and usage

- Geladrink Plus is recommended for use as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for such diseases of the joints and spine as:
- Deforming osteoarthrosis.
- Artozo arthritis.
- Rheumatic polyarthritis.
- Osteochondrosis.
- Myositis.
- Tendonitis.
- Spondylitis.
- Spondylosis.

- bruises.
- Sprains.
- Fractures.
- Joint injuries.


- Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
- Phenylketonuria.

Dosage and administration

The daily dose for adults and children from 12 years - 12 g (one measure) of powder. Measure out Geladrink Plus with the measure included in the kit, dissolve in 200 - 250 ml of cold water or milk, stirring with an applied spoon and drink after complete dissolution.

The minimum recommended course is 2 months. To achieve a sustainable effect, it is recommended 2-3 times a year.

Storage conditions

- Store in a dry place at a temperature of + 5 ° to + 25 ° C.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Do not use after expiration date.

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