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Allantoin, butylhydroxytoluene, phenethanol, sorbic acid, liquid lanolin, mink oil, benzetina chloride, fillers, emulsifiers, purified water;
10 ml in the bottle.

Indications and usage

Remo-Vaks is designed to soften and remove earwax plugs. Especially recommended for:

  • Little children
  • Elderly with hearing loss
  • Hearing Aid
  • Headset users
  • Actively involved in swimming
  • Anyone who properly cares for their ears, their hearing.

Pain in the ears, discharge of fluid from the ear canal, damage to the eardrum.

Hold the bottle in hand to warm it to body temperature.
Lie on your side. Put 10-15 drops of Remo-Vax inside the ear. Gently pull up the earlobe and gently massage it with a gentle circular motion. Keep your head on your side for 20-40 minutes, then wash your ear in the usual way. If, after the procedure described, the cork has not dissolved, Remo-Vaks can be left overnight by covering the ear with a piece of cotton wool.

In the case of old and tight traffic jams, it is recommended to repeat the procedure 5 days in a row. Similarly, you can do it in the case of a narrow ear canal.

 Ear washing with douche:
Type warm water into the syringe, insert the nose of the syringe into the ear canal a few millimeters, directing the water jet to the front wall of the ear canal. Do not make sudden movements! Gently press on the syringe. Repeat this procedure until the water that comes out of the ear is clear.

Regular use of Remo-Vax hygiene 1–2 times a month helps prevent the formation of sulfur plugs.

Store at room temperature.

Remo-Vaks ear

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