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Active ingredient

Herbal pulp with natural mint flavor.
Fine powder white 500 mg (200 doses) in a bottle of polyethylene with a proprietary dispenser-spray and screw cap.

Mechanism of action

Nazaval - microdispersed cellulose powder in a spray dispenser to protect the nasal mucosa from contact with pollutants and aeroallergens:

  • Pollen plants.
  • Household allergens - house dust mites, house dust.
  • Fungal allergens.
  • Epidermal allergens of animals and birds.
  • Allergens of cockroaches and other insects.
  • Chemicals and other microparticles that enter the nasal cavity when air is inhaled.

The average size of cellulose microparticles is 118 microns (from 5 to 500 microns), which allows them to penetrate only into the nasopharynx, without reaching the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli.

Nazaval is used to prevent the development of symptoms of allergic rhinitis: nasal itching, swelling of the nasal mucosa and disturbances of nasal breathing, abundant liquid clear nasal discharge, sneezing attacks, etc.

Nazaval acts as a natural barrier against aeroallergens, provides reliable protection throughout the day.

Nasaval is approved for use in children from birth, in women during pregnancy and lactation, because Nasaval acts topically, does not penetrate the blood, does not have a systemic effect and does not contain preservatives.

Cellulose powder from the spray dispenser gets onto the nasal mucosa, binds to the mucous of the nasal mucosa and forms a strong gel-like film that lines the nasal cavity and serves as a natural barrier to the contact of aeroallergens with the nasal mucosa.
It is recommended to repeat the sprays of Nazaval after each blowing to resume the formation of a protective film. The action comes 10-15 minutes after the injection.

Protection of the nasal mucosa from pollutants inhaled with air, including aeroallergens.


Individual intolerance to the components of the product.

Dosage and administration

Nose injection - one injection in each nostril. Nazaval can be used in adults and children under the supervision of adults.

You can use Nazaval as often as necessary.

As a rule, the use of the recommended dosage - one injection in each nostril every 6-8 hours - is enough to prevent the symptoms of rhinitis.

It is recommended to use Nazaval in advance, before alleged contact with allergens, for example, before going outside during the flowering period of plants, visiting crowded places, doing house cleaning, and contacting pets.

At the first use it is recommended to make 2 test injections into the air - you will see a trickle of white powder and feel the light aroma of mint.

  • Before use, if necessary, perform a hygienic cleaning of the nasal cavity or blow your nose.
  • Shake the bottle gently.
  • Exhale.
  • Pinch one nose.
  • Place the nasal spout in the other nasal passage. Inject the powder by pressing on the walls of the bottle while inhaling - you will hear a light sound and feel the delicate smell of mint.
  • Hold your breath for a couple of seconds, so that the powder is evenly distributed in the nasal cavity.
  • Repeat the same procedure from the opposite side.

Storage conditions

Keep out of reach of children.


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