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Active ingredient

Oral solution:
1 ml of solution contains ubidecarenone (coenzyme Q10) - 30 mg
Excipients:α-tocopherol acetate, ascorbyl palmitate, macrogol glycerylhydroxystearate (cremophor RH-40), sodium benzoate, citric acid (food grade), purified water;
in dropper bottles of 20 ml, in the box 1 bottle.

Mechanism of action

Kudesang is a drug that normalizes myocardial metabolism, reducing tissue hypoxia.

Ubidekarenone (coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone) is a natural substance that is a vitamin-like coenzyme. Ubidecarenone is an endogenous substrate, takes part in electron transfer in the transport chain of redox processes, in the process of energy exchange, in the reaction of oxidative phosphorylation in the respiratory chain of mitochondria of cells. Participates in the processes of cellular respiration, increasing the synthesis of ATP.

It has a clinically significant antioxidant effect. Protects cell membrane lipids from peroxidation.

Reduces the zone of myocardial damage in ischemia and reperfusion. Ubidekarenone prevents prolongation of the QT interval, improves exercise tolerance.

Due to endogenous synthesis, 100% satisfaction of the body's need for coenzyme Q10 occurs only up to the age of 20.The concentration of coenzyme Q10 is reduced in elderly patients, as well as in various diseases in both adults and children.

Indications and usage

For prophylaxis and as part of the complex therapy of various diseases of the cardiovascular system:
- chronic heart failure (including dilated cardiomyopathy);
- CHD, incl. myocardial infarction (during the period of rehabilitation therapy);
- arrhythmias;
- arterial hypertension;
- The period of preparation for heart surgery (coronary artery bypass surgery, for heart defects).

Children over 1 year old:
For prophylaxis and as part of complex therapy:
- diseases of the cardiovascular system: arrhythmias, chronic heart failure (including dilated cardiomyopathy), the period of preparation for carrying out operations on the heart (congenital and acquired defects);
- gastrointestinal diseases: chronic gastroduodenitis;
- kidney diseases: chronic pyelonephritis, metabolic nephropathy;
- diseases of the nervous system (including hereditary neurodegenerative diseases): migraine, autonomic nervous system disorders (NCD), mitochondrial encephalomyopathy (MELAS syndrome), Leiga syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, congenital myopathies, muscular dystrophy.

In the complex therapy of diseases associated with metabolic disorders:
- asthenic syndrome;
- recovery period after serious diseases and surgical interventions.

Adults and children over 1 year:
- for the prevention and replenishment of deficiency of coenzyme Q10;
- to improve adaptation to increased physical stress among athletes.


Individual intolerance to the components of the drug; children up to 1 year; pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

WITHcaution apply with arterial hypotension.

Kudesan drops should be taken orally once a day during a meal in the first half of the day, pre-dissolved in a small amount of boiled water or another drink at room temperature.

In order to prevent take for all stated indications, depending on age:
1-3 years - 2-4 drops;
3-7 years - 4-8 drops;
7-12 years old - 8-12 drops;
children over 12 years old and adults 12-24 drops.

In the complex therapy of various diseases Kudesan to take depending on age:
1-3 years - 4-10 drops;
3-7 years old - 10-16 drops;
7-12 years old - 16-20 drops;
children over 12 years old and adults - 20-60 drops.

The duration of the course of use of the drug Kudesan is 2-3 months. Perhaps repeated courses on the recommendation of a doctor.

Adverse reactions

From the digestive system: very rarely - nausea, diarrhea.
Other: allergic reactions.

Drug interactions

The simultaneous use of lipid-lowering drugs (statins, fibrates), beta-blockers (atenolol, Metoprolol, propranolol), tricyclic antidepressants can lead to a decrease in concentrationubidecarenone in plasma.

Ubidekarenone can potentiate the action of diltiazem, metoprolol, Enalapril and nitrates, as well as reduce the effect of Warfarin.

In dry, the dark place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C.


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