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Mechanism of action

OSTENIL PLUS contains a special fraction of sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronan - hyaluronic acid in the form of sodium salt) of high purity obtained by bacterial fermentation. The product does not contain animal proteins, which reduces the risk of an allergic reaction, and a narrow molecular weight range helps to ensure that there are no lungs that cause inflammation and hyaluronic acid fragments. Sterilized by autoclaving. A standardized method of obtaining the active principle ensures high efficiency and consistency of therapeutic qualities.

Indications and usage

Intra-articular administration of Ostenil is indicated for pain and limited mobility in degenerative-dystrophic and traumatic changes in the hip, knee and other synovial joints.


Ostenil should not be used by patients suffering from pronounced sensitivity to one of the components.

Dosage and administration

For the treatment of diseases of the joints:
- the volume depends on the size, but should not exceed 2 ml of the hyaluronan solution;
- injection frequency: 1 time / week;
- quantity: minimum - 3, maximum - 6;
- duration: up to six months;
- the minimum time interval between courses of treatment: at least 4 weeks.

In ophthalmology:
-the volume of the injected drug: is determined individually depending on the diagnosis (up to 1 ml for expansion of the anterior chamber of the eye, up to 4 ml for introduction into the posterior chamber;
- enter through the catheter. Due to the leaching of part of hyaluronan during surgery, there may be a need for several injections.

Adverse reactions

For intra-articular injections: Sodium hyaluronate has excellent tolerability. In clinical studies it was shown a complete absence of toxic and mutagenic reactions. Thanks to the release form - the syringe pen - minimizes the possibility of introducing a secondary infection during injection.
Possible adverse reactions (usually disappear in a few days):
local secondary phenomena such as pain, sensation of heat, redness and swelling can be observed on the joint into which the drug is injected (applying ice on the joint for five to ten minutes will remove all such phenomena); the appearance of intraarticular exudation (in some cases exudation can be significant and cause a longer pain syndrome); in these cases it is necessary to make a puncture of the joint and removal of the exudate with its subsequent microscopy in order to exclude infection and microcrystalline arthropathy (gout); extremely rare - allergic reactions.

For intraocular injections: transient increase in intraocular pressure in the postoperative period (4–8 h after the operation), due to the mechanical blockade of the trabecular network by solution residues;
rarely - allergic reactions.

Storage conditions

Store in a dark, cold place (2-8C &№176;).

Ostenil plus

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