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Precautionary measures

  • Strictly follow the method of application.
  • Before you stick the patch, you must thoroughly clean the skin.
  • Do not stick the patch on the same place for people with particularly sensitive skin.
  • People who have a history of dermatological disorders, such as skin irritation, etc., due to the use of similar patches, should consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.

A common cause of pain is impaired blood circulation in the muscles, their hypoxia and the accumulation of lactic acid. The inflammatory process that causes tissue swelling and squeezing of nerve endings is accompanied by pain. It is very important to deliver the medicine to the site of inflammation, provide an anti-inflammatory effect and relieve pain. Improving blood circulation in the muscles and periarticular tissues leads to relief of pain.

Proven combination of active ingredients in Hisamitsu products® and transdermal drug delivery technology aimed at improving blood circulation and reducing pain.

Anesthetic patch "SALONPAS®"Is glued directly onto the painful area, while the active ingredients do not spread to other parts of the body, but are absorbed directly in the affected area. Plasters "SALONPAS®»Easily and painlessly removed, leaving no trace of the base on the skin.

The combination of active substances patches "SALONPAS®»Allows to arrest the different sides of the pathological process in muscles and joints. Methyl salicylate relieves pain and inflammation. Camphor stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in the area of ​​sticking, additionally reduces pain. Menthol combines a cooling effect with a distracting effect.

The combination of substances is continuously, consistently and dosed enters the deep layers of the skin throughout the duration of use of the patch.


Methyl salicylate - 6.3% levomenthol - 5.7% camphor - 1.2%, alpha tocopherol acetate - 2.0%

Base material: white fabric

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