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Self-diagnosis cream for joints Mumiyo with tourmaline - a natural remedy for a new generation. The “smart” formula of the cream makes it possible to identify the main source of the articular problem and solve it in a complex way, acting not on the external manifestations of the pathology, but on its causes. The cream activates the metabolism and blood circulation in the periarticular tissues, inhibits the development of degenerative processes in cartilage and prevents the formation of osteophytes (saline growths), contributes to the strength and elasticity of ligaments, tendons, synovial membranes. Having the highest bioactivity among gems, tourmaline is actively used as a healing mineral for human recovery. Activated water molecules, improves blood circulation, including in the joints, the production of synovial fluid and stimulates the renewal of cartilage tissue. With enough negative ions, the Calcium in the blood is replaced, the bones become stronger.

Advantages of Mumiyo cream with tourmaline: differentiated deep effect taking into account the individual nature of functional disorders in the joints. Contains natural ingredients, is quickly absorbed, well tolerated, easy to use, provides a lasting effect, combined with any drugs.


water, emulsion wax, mummy, tourmaline powder, beeswax yellow, juniper essential oil, biostimulating complex “Anti-inflammatory”, biostimulating complex “Microcapsule penetrating”, biostimulating complex “Vitamins of group B”, collagen hydrolyzate, sunflower oil, Indian extract hydrochloride, cinnamon extract, adamic root extract, boswellia extract, MSM, methyl nicotinate, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, DEG stearate, propylene glycol, eutanol G, anhydrous lanolin, euksil RE, dimet con M Grindoks antioxidant.

Action of active components:

Mumiyo(Asphaltum) - stimulates the regenerative processes in the joints and proliferation of connective tissue cells, has anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic, immunostimulating, restorative effects.

Glucosamine(Glucosamine) is an essential element of cartilage tissue. Improves metabolic processes in the joints. Hinders the development of degenerative processes in the joints. It promotes the regeneration of cartilage in inflammatory phenomena, reduces pain.

Collagen(Collagen) is a fibrillar protein that forms the basis of the connective tissue of the body (tendons, cartilage and bone) and ensures its strength and elasticity. Promotes rapid restoration and strengthening of tissues. Violation of collagen synthesis leads to damage to the ligaments, cartilage and the entire bone system.
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) - a source of biologically active sulfur. The sulfur content in the human body decreases with age, especially as a result of metabolic disorders. Sulfur is an integral component of the proteins of most body tissues.Sulfur forms flexible disulfide bonds inside proteins that provide flexibility and mobility of tissues.

Vitamins of group B strengthen the collagen skeleton of bone tissue, help maintain the balance of mineral and salt exchanges.

Indications for use: 

Prevention and complex treatment of destructive-inflammatory diseases of the joints. Prevention of age-related changes in the joints


Apply a smart cream in circular motions until fully absorbed 2-3 times a day. Duration of application is 4-6 weeks. To prevent exacerbations, it is recommended to repeat the course in 2-3 months.


Individual intolerance to the components of the cream. High activity of fir oil in the cream can cause skin redness in children under 5 years old.

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