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Paraffin medical is used for thermal procedures. Used for outdoor and local use.
Paraffin has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, resorbable, antispastic properties, stimulates regeneration processes.

The effect of paraffin medical is characterized by basic properties: heat and compression. Paraffin has a high heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and heat retention capacity. After heating, paraffin slowly releases heat and cools for a long time. When paraffin is applied to the skin, a layer is quickly formed, the temperature of which is close to the temperature of the skin. The bulk of the paraffin remains hot, providing a therapeutic effect. The compression effect of paraffin is the ability to decrease in volume by 10-12%. The massage effect of the procedure improves microcirculation and outflow of tissue fluid and lymph, accelerates the process of tissue regeneration.

- diseases of the musculoskeletal system (joints, bones, muscles);
- traumatic lesions of the musculoskeletal system (joints, bones, muscles);
- consequences of injuries (for fractures, dislocations, sports injuries);
- diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia);
- Diseases of the skin (psoriasis, neurodermatitis, dermatosis).
Paraffin treatment is effective for chronic diseases. However, out of the acute phase.

For therapeutic and cosmetic procedures, paraffin is melted, heated to a certain temperature, and applied as a compress to a specific area of ​​the patient's body.

Depending on the evidence, there are various methods of paraffin treatment:
Napkin-application technique. Paraffin is prepared in a water bath or in a paraffin bath. Melt the paraffin wax. Dip a gauze napkin (from 8-10 layers of gauze) into liquid paraffin. Prepare two such wipes and lay them on cellophane for cooling. After 3-5 minutes, apply a napkin with paraffin on the body (attach to the sore spot). The temperature of the napkin adjacent to the body should be no higher than 45-50 ⁰С, the temperature of the second napkin, which is superimposed on top of the first one, is 60-70 ⁰С. Wrap plastic wrap on top and attach a heating pad. Leave a compress until cool, about 20-30 minutes.
Layering. The temperature of the first layer + 50-55 ⁰C. Molten paraffin is applied with a brush (silicone, paint) on the corresponding skin area. The first applied layer quickly hardens and protects the skin from burns. The next layer of paraffin can be applied hot (70-80 ⁰C). Paraffin layers to reach 1-2 cm in height. To wrap a film, on top - with a woolen cloth. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to warm the body part deeply and not be afraid of skin burns.

Paraffin Bath. Used for arms and legs. The temperature of the first layer + 50-55 ⁰C. Molten paraffin is applied with a brush (silicone, paint) on the corresponding skin area. Next, the paraffin wax is poured into a plastic / oilcloth bag and the hand or foot is immersed in the mass. The package is tied, the limb is wrapped with a woolen cloth.

Paraffin cake. Pour molten paraffin into a container that is most convenient for applying to the diseased area of ​​the mold (put an oilcloth or bag at the bottom of the container) and wait until it solidifies to a semi-solid state. Paraffin takes the form of a cake (height 2-5 cm). Place a paraffin cake on the skin, cover it with cellophane and wrap a part of the body with woolen fabric. This method is most convenient, but the compress temperature is lower than when using the previous methods.

Other methods of using paraffin for medical purposes studied and introduced into the practice of boarding houses and rest houses:
As prescribed by the ENT doctor, small lozenges are used for applications on the face, on the region of the maxillary sinuses in chronic sinus, on the laryngeal area and other affected areas as prescribed by the doctor.

Paraffin masks in cosmetology. Before use, heat paraffin in a water bath to the melting point (65-80 ⁰С). The melted paraffin is poured into the dishes with a layer of 1-3 cm, after lining the bottom of the dish with a cotton cloth. After a few minutes, apply paraffin that has cooled to 40-45 ° C with a brush on your face, create a compress - wrap with cellophane, then with a woolen cloth (or use special masks for paraffin therapy). The duration of the procedure is from 30 minutes (until the paraffin is completely cooled).

With urolithiasis and chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. Apply paraffin applications (napkin-application method, paraffin cake) at a temperature of 45-55 ⁰C in the lumbar region (procedure duration - up to 1 hour).
A heating pad for colic (kidney, liver, intestinal) is a combination of a waffle napkin soaked in melted paraffin (45-50 ° C) and a heating pad (rubber heater, chemical heater, USB heater). The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes.

Paraffin overlay temperature for children does not exceed 40 С. Subsequent layers (or paraffin-impregnated gaskets) are laid on top at a temperature of 55-60 ° C.
Usually, children are prescribed a treatment course of 15 procedures. Procedures are carried out every other day.
In case of acute respiratory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, paraffin-like pads in the form of “boots” on feet and shins are successfully used. The temperature of paraffin used in such cases in gaskets is 45 45C.
A paraffin-ozocerite applicator (paraffin mixed with ozokerite) is especially recommended for warming the knees during the period of increased growth of children - from 3 to 14 years old, with sudden joint pain, called “growth pain”.

Avoid paraffin water!
The place of application of paraffin is treated with a moisturizing or greasy cream.
After the procedures, rest is required - from 30 to 60 minutes.
Patients with contractures of the joints need to apply paraffin on a significantly larger surface than the area of ​​the lesion.Patients with lumbosacral radiculitis are recommended to apply paraffin not only on the lumbar region, but also on the sore limb.
After use, the paraffin wax applicator is reduced by 10% in volume. It can be used repeatedly.

Common to conduct thermal procedures.

Paraffin in an individual package weighing 250 grams, packed in a box with the annotation.

In the dark place at a temperature of + 15 ° C to + 25 ° C., keep away from children.

5 years from date of manufacture.

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