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RESLEEP PILLS 15 MG - 30 tablets



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Active substance



1 pill contains:

Active ingredient: doxylamine succinate 15 mg.

pharmachologic effect

The blocker of histamine H1-receptors from the group of ethanolamines. It has a sedative, hypnotic effect. It reduces the time of falling asleep, increases the duration and quality of sleep, does not change the phase of sleep. It has antiallergic effect. It has m-anticholinergic activity.

The severity of the sedative effect is comparable to barbiturates. Duration of action - 6-8 hours.


Sleep disorders, insomnia. Allergic reactions, pruritus. As a component of the combined drugs used for colds, cough.


Angle-closure glaucoma, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urinary retention, lactation period, children under 6 years old (as an antihistamine), children and adolescents under 15 years (as a sedative-hypnotic), hypersensitivity to doxylamine.

Side effects

Maybe: lethargy, drowsiness, dry mouth, accommodation disturbances, constipation, urination disorders.


With simultaneous use with antidepressants, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, clonidine, opioid analgesics, neuroleptics, tranquilizers, the inhibitory effect of doxylamine on the central nervous system is enhanced.

When used simultaneously with atropine and atropine-like agents, imipramine, anti-Parkinsonian drugs with anticholinergic action, disopyramide, phenothiazine derivatives, the risk of anticholinergic side effects (dry mouth, constipation, urinary retention) increases.

When applied simultaneously with ethanol, the sedative effect of doxylamine is enhanced.

How to take, the course of administration and dosage

Is ingested. Adults with insomnia, sleep disorders - 15-25 mg 15-30 minutes before sleep. In allergic reactions - in doses up to 25 mg every 4-6 hours.

Children aged 6-12 years - 6.25-12.5 mg, if necessary, every 4-6 hours.

The maximum daily intake for adults is 150 mg.

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