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Paranit (spray)

PARANIT Spray with a new formula of double action is designed to kill head lice and nits in adults and children from 3 years


Dimethicone 4%, Mineral oil (Isopar) 96%

Mode of application:

Formula of double action: pediculicidal agent PARANIT Spray not only suffocates, but also dehydrates head lice and nits, thereby guaranteeing 100% effectiveness from the first application.

1.       Check all family members for the presence of lice and nits using a special comb included in the kit of the pediculicidal agent PARANIT Spray.

2.       Spray the product over the entire surface of dry hair - from the roots to the tips. Massage evenly distribute the product to fully moisturize the hair. Long and thick hair should be treated by strands.

3.       After 15 minutes, wash the pediculicidal agent PARANIT Spray with warm water and shampoo. If necessary, wash your hair with shampoo again.

4.       Brush wet hair with a special comb to remove dead lice and nits. Long and thick hair comb through the strands. Clean the comb after combing each strand.

5.       Check the result after 7-10 days. If necessary, repeat the treatment with the PARANIT Spray.

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