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Hair is abundantly moistened with a solution using a cotton swab, rubbing the drug into the hair roots. Consumption per person - 10-60 ml, depending on the thickness and length of hair. After treatment, the head is covered with a scarf, and after 40 minutes the drug is washed off with warm running water with soap or shampoo. After washing, comb your hair with a frequent comb to remove dead insects. If live lice are detected 7 days after using the drug, re-treatment is recommended. In the case of the existing danger of reinfection in the team (school, kindergarten), apply the drug after washing the head and leave it on the hair after drying. The preparation applied to the hair retains its activity for approximately 2 weeks (does not allow lice to replicate on the hair). Repeat the treatment after each hair wash. Dead nits are removed from the hair with a thick comb or one at a time, as they are firmly fixed on the hair.


permethrin, neopinamine, nigard, cosmetic shampoo with additives.

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