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Lekker-hydrogen peroxide 3% 3 ml.

“Pv -“ LEKKER ”- hydrogen peroxide solution 3%.
Designed for skin treatment: prevention of wound infection. It has antiseptic and hemostatic properties.
Recommendations for use:
- for treatment of small superficial wounds, abrasions, cuts;
- to stop minor bleeding from superficial wounds.
Mode of application:
Outwardly, for individual use.
Damaged areas of the skin are treated with the UPTS “Pk“ Lekker ”device, the frequency of use is as needed.

They are a device filled with pharmacopoeial solutions.
Traditional medicinal products placed in a convenient for storage and use form are the combination of new technology with proven drugs. Products are designed for home use, but are also convenient in extreme situations.
“Lecker” is similar to a marker, inside which, instead of ink, contains various antiseptic and other solutions (for example, Iodine and brilliant green, Fucorcin, antiburn agent, means for removing warts and papillomas, bleaching liquid, etc.).
The device can not be broken and difficult to get dirty!
You simply open, apply the solution to the affected skin, close your hands, your children, the carpet!
The device "Lekker" - ideal for car and home first aid kits, you can take it with you on any trip, use at home, in the kitchen, in the garage, that is, anywhere.
A unique development of the company Lekker (St. Petersburg) - solution in the form of a felt-tip pen! It does not spill, it is convenient to carry in your pocket and store in a first aid kit. Recommended!

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