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Indications and usage

Inflammatory and other diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, abrasions, cuts, microtraumas, myositis, neuralgia, inflammatory infiltrates, atherosclerosis, syphilis (tertiary), chronic atrophic laryngitis, ozena, hyperthyroidism, endemic goiter, chronic lead poisoning and mercury disinfection of the skin of the surgical field, the edges of the wounds, the fingers of the surgeon.

Dosage and administration

Outwardly - lubricate the affected skin, larynx. Inside designate: for the prevention of atherosclerosis - from 1 to 10 drops 1-2 times a day, courses up to 30 days, 2-3 times a year, for the treatment of atherosclerosis - 10-12 drops 3 times a day, for syphilis - 5-50 drops 2-3 times a day. The solution is taken in milk after meals. For children over 5 years old, a 5% solution is prescribed orally, 3-5 drops per reception, 2-3 times a day. Higher doses of a 5% solution for adults inside: single 20 drops, daily 60 drops.


Hypersensitivity; for oral administration - pulmonary tuberculosis, nephritis, furunculosis, acne, chronic pyoderma, hemorrhagic diathesis, urticaria; pregnancy, child age (up to 5 years).

Side effects

Iodism (runny nose, skin rash on the type of urticaria, salivation, lacrimation, etc.).


Inhalation of vapors - damage to the upper respiratory tract (burn, laryngobronchospasm); when ingested concentrated solutions inward - severe burns of the digestive tract, the development of hemolysis, hemoglobinuria; lethal dose is about 3 g. Treatment: wash the stomach with a 0.5% solution of Sodium thiosulfate, in / in sodium thiosulfate 30% is injected - up to 300 ml.

Pharmacological group

Products containing Iodine

Mechanism of action

Pharmacological action - antiseptic, antimicrobial, distracting, lipid-lowering. Coagulates proteins to form iodamines. Partially absorbed. The absorbed part penetrates the tissues and organs, is selectively absorbed by the thyroid gland. It is excreted by the kidneys (mainly), intestines, sweat and mammary glands. It has a bactericidal effect, has tanning and cauterizing properties. Irritating receptors of the skin and mucous membranes. Participates in the synthesis of thyroxin, enhances the processes of dissimilation, a positive effect on lipid and protein metabolism (lowering cholesterol and LDL).


The active substance is iodine. The alcoholic solution contains iodine 5 g, potassium iodide 2 g, water and alcohol 95% equally to 100 ml.


Pharmaceutically incompatible with essential oils, ammonia solutions, white sedimentary mercury (an explosive mixture is formed). Weakens hypothyroid and strumogenic effect of lithium preparations.

Special notes

When combined with the use of yellow mercury ointment may form in the tear fluid mercury iodide, which has a cauterizing effect.

Storage conditions

List B. In the dark spot.

The procedure for dispensing the drug Iodine


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