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Active ingredient and dosage form

Cozaar tablets:

1 pill contains Losartan potassium 12.5 or 50 mg; in the package 14 and 42 pcs.

Mechanism of action

Cozaar has a hypotensive effect. Blocks angiotensin II receptors (type AT1), reduces the round fist, reduces afterload, reduces systemic blood pressure and pressure in the pulmonary circulation.

Indications and usage

Arterial hypertension, heart failure (including when treatment with ACE inhibitors is no longer suitable for the patient.


Hypersensitivity, children's age.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

When pregnancy occurs, the admission is immediately stopped (it can cause developmental defects or death of the fetus, especially in the II-III trimester). Nursing mothers should stop breastfeeding.

Adverse reactions

Dizziness, hypotension (dose-dependent), hyperkalemia (1.5% of patients).

Dosage and administration

Cozaar is taken orally, regardless of the meal, once. Usually - 50 mg / day. In some cases, to achieve greater effect, the dose is increased to 100 mg. In patients with dehydration, the initial dose may be 25 mg / day. For patients with heart failure, the initial dose may be 12.5 mg 1 time per day.

Storage conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.

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