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Active substances: sterile suspension of phage particles in saline;

excipients: purified water, carbopol, calendula extract.

Release form:

Gel in a 50 ml bottle with a dispenser and a protective cap.

Pharmachologic effect:

Otofag contains a complex of 32 types of bacteriophages of the collection of Research and Production Center MicroMir LLC, which suppress the growth of the following pathogenic bacteria:

  • Bacteroides spp.
  • Escherichia coli spp.
  • Haemophilus influenzae spp.
  • Klebsiella spp.
  • Moraxella catarrhalis
  • Morganella morganii
  • Neisseria spp.
  • Proteus vulgaris spp.
  • Providencia rettgeri spp.
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa spp
  • Staphylococcus aureus spp.
  • Streptococcus pyogenes spp

Indications for use:

Gel with bacteriophages for the hygiene of the auricle skin Otofag is used to normalize microflora and prevent bacterial inflammatory diseases of the ear, including for diseases of other ENT organs.

Dosage and administration:

At home, Otofag is applied to the treated area directly from the bottle or with a napkin (cotton swab). Do not wet the treated area (do not rinse the gel) for 40 minutes after applying Otofag.

Under the conditions of admission of a specialist, Otofagom treats affected or injured areas of the ear and other ENT organs.

Otofag is safe when it comes to contact with mucous membranes and if swallowed. Do not make Otofag in closed foci of inflammation that do not have or have limited outflow of exudate from the center (for example, sutured wounds, etc.).The introduction of Otofag in such foci can lead to a pronounced exacerbation of the inflammatory process and / or edema and / or lymphostasis.


Hypersensitivity to the components of Otofag.

Special instructions:

Protect the dispenser from dirt and foreign substances. Clean the spout of the dispenser and the cap from the remnants of the gel. After use, always close the dispenser cap.

Storage conditions:

In a dry, dark place at temperatures from 2 ° C to 8 ° C for 24 months. After the start of use, it is allowed to store Otophagus at room temperature (not more than 25 ° C) under conditions of compliance with sterility and use of the entire contents of the vial for 60 days. However, at home, the preferred place to store Otofag is a refrigerator.

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