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Nose Irrigation Spray

The nose is an important organ that ensures the vital activity of the body.

The nose warms and moisturizes the inhaled air, filters the air from small particles, bacteria and viruses, protecting the lower respiratory tract from infections, dust and dryness. The use of saline solutions or natural sea water helps to keep the nasal cavity clean and moisturized, thereby protecting the mucous membrane from the irritating effects of external factors. A solution of natural sea water can be used for daily nasal hygiene in adults and children over 3 months.

Otvinin MORE - isotonic solution of sea water, rich in natural trace elements, does not contain preservatives. Moisturizes the nasal mucosa with dryness, helps to remove mucous secretions from the nasal cavity with a cold and congestion, providing comfortable breathing. Convenient for use in adults and children older than 3 months for daily nasal hygiene.

Indications and usage

Use of nasal spray NAVININ SEA is recommended for daily use:

  • Rinsing of the nasal cavity with a cold, nasal congestion, as well as in allergic conditions.Spray РИRIVIN MORE cleans the nasal mucosa and provides it with moisture during irritation and dryness associated with rhinitis and allergy symptoms.
  • Removal of mucous secretions from the nasal cavity with rhinitis and allergic conditions.
  • Humidification of the nasal mucosa in conditions of excessively dry air during heating devices or air conditioning in the room.
  • Protection of the nasal mucosa from the irritant effect of environmental pollution

    Irrigation of the nasal mucosa is done with a spray tip. Spraying tip provides a neat and uniform moisturizing of the nasal cavity, moisturizing and cleaning the mucous membrane.

    REFRACTORY SEA should be applied as needed. The spray is especially convenient for washing the nasal cavity in children due to the anatomical tip, designed for children.


    100 ml of solution contain: sea water 31.82 ml of purified water to 100 ml The preparation contains no preservatives. Inert gas propellant - nitrogen. Nitrogen is not a component of the solution, it acts exclusively as a propellant.

    • Remove protective cap
    • Place the handpiece on the base of the nasal passage.
    • Lightly press down on the tip base, spraying the spray into the nasal passage
    • Repeat the procedure for the second nasal passage
    • After use, wash and dry the tip and close the bottle with a protective cap.
  • For flushing the nasal cavity in case of a cold, congestion, and also in case of allergic conditions, RETRIEVE SEA should be used as needed.
  • For daily hygiene of the nasal cavity: 1-2 times a day or more often if necessary.

    The contents of the container is under pressure. Do not allow direct sunlight, do not heat above 50 ° C. Do not violate the integrity of the container and do not burn it even after use.
    Keep out of the reach of children. After each use, rinse the tip and close it with a protective cap. Do not sterilize the tip in the microwave. Do not use the spray if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
    Spray NORVIN MORE should be used in accordance with the instructions for use.


    Spray NAVININ MORE is produced in aluminum cylinders with a spray device and a protective cap containing 50 ml or 100 ml of isotonic sea water solution.

    Novartis Consumer Health SA, Switzerland

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