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Active ingredient and dosage form

Coated tablets:
1 pill contains metamizole sodium 500 mg; triacetonamine-4-toluenesulfonate (tempidone) 20 mg;
Excipients: wheat starch; MCC; talc; Magnesium stearate; colidon K25; titanium dioxide; PEG 400; castor oil; glycerol; dibutyl phthalate; Eudragit L acetone 12.5; green dye;
in the package of 20 or 100 pcs.

Mechanism of action

Tempalgin combined analgesic antipyretic. It has analgesic, antipyretic, mild anti-inflammatory and sedative effect.
The preparation contains non-opioid analgesic metamizol sodium and anxiolytic (tranquilizer) tempidone.

Indications and usage

The pain syndrome is moderate and mild (including headache, toothache, migraine, neuritis, lumbago, neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia, algomenorrhea), especially in patients with increased nervous excitability.
Pain syndrome in renal, hepatic, intestinal colic mild (in combination with antispasmodics).
Pain after surgical and diagnostic interventions (as part of combination therapy).
Feverish syndrome with ARVI and other infectious and inflammatory diseases.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, severe renal / hepatic failure, chronic heart failure, arterial hypotension (SBP below 100 mmHg), hematopoietic suppression (granulocytopenia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, cytostatic or infectious neutropenia), glucose deficiency-6-O-fostema., “Aspirin” asthma, pregnancy (I term and last 6 weeks), lactation period, child age (up to 14 years).

WITH caution prescribed for diseases of the kidneys (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, including a history), hepatic / renal insufficiency of moderate severity, with bronchial asthma, susceptibility to the development of arterial hypotension, with prolonged alcohol abuse.

Dosage and administration

Tempalgin is taken orally, without chewing, with a sufficient amount of liquid, during or after a meal.

Adults take 1 pill 1–3 times a day, with insufficient effectiveness, you can take another 1 tablet. The maximum single dose - 2 tab., The maximum daily - 6 tab.
Reception duration - no more than 5 days. Increasing the daily dose of the drug or the duration of treatment is possible only under medical supervision.

Adverse reactions

On the part of the digestive tract: rarely - burning in the epigastric region, dry mouth, cholestasis, jaundice, increased activity of hepatic transaminases, hyperbilirubinemia.
From the nervous system and sensory organs: rarely - headache, dizziness; in isolated cases - hallucinations.
Since the cardiovascular system and blood (hematopoiesis, hemostasis): decrease or increase in blood pressure, tachycardia, cyanosis; agranulocytosis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia.
Respiratory: bronchospasm (in predisposed patients).
From the genitourinary system: renal dysfunction (using high doses) - oliguria, anuria, proteinuria, interstitial nephritis.
Allergic reactions: urticaria (including on the conjunctiva and mucous membranes of the nasopharynx), skin rash, itching, angioedema, in rare cases - erythema multiforme exudative (including Stevens-Johnson syndrome), toxic epidermal necrolysis (Lyell's syndrome), bronchospasm, anaphylactic shock.

Store in a cool and dark place, protected from light and moisture, at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C.


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