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Composition: water enriched with silver ions, emulsion wax, glycerin, DAG stearate, shungite, mummy, cedar oil, wheat germ oil, oil extracts: aloe, ginseng, St. John's wort, wormwood, collagen hydrolyzate, vitanol, perfume, preservatives.

Mechanism of action

Shungite is a natural mineral whose age is more than two billion years. The origin of it has not yet been solved, but there is a hypothesis that shungites are the remnants of the planet Phaeton, which once existed in our solar system. These minerals currently exist only at one point of our Earth. South Karelia, the village of Shunga, 1887. This is the place and time, where and when they gave the name to the mysterious nature. Our ancestors had a close relationship with nature and drew in her vitality and health. In the old days, schungite was called "slate stone" and was actively used in the treatment of various ailments, including diseases of the joints. But only in our time has been able to more fully reveal its amazing healing, purifying and protective properties.

Numerous studies of the unique properties of schungite allow rightfully to call it "the stone of health" or "medicine of the XXI century".

Cream-balsam "Shungit", which includes shungite, as the main component, enriched with herbal extracts, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, soothing, analgesic effects, improves microcirculation in the tissues.

Indications and usage

Apply with complex treatment of osteochondrosis, sciatica, arthritis and arthrosis of various origin and in places of salt deposits, in combination with traditional methods of treatment, as an auxiliary means.

Rub into painful areas of the body and joints 2-3 times a day, after applying wrap with a woolen cloth. The course is 3-5 weeks.


Individual intolerance to the components. No side effects have been identified.

Shungite Cream Balsam

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